The Web Series

Façades the Web Series would not be able to happen without the support of generous backers. In particular, we would like to thank the individuals below for their contributions

(In alphabetical order...)

Melissa Bergstrom

Erin Bligh

Warren J. Blumenfeld

Brian J. Brasseur

Rennen Brewer

Angie Chuang

Susan Ciccone

Andrew Coate

Tucker Cole

Bo Remy Dennis

Liz Dion

Tamara Elwell

Emma FC

Jenn Finn

Danielle Forcum

Glinda The Good Witch

Dr. Todd M. Gottlieb

Alli Hicks

Mary House

Alicia Hynes

Cynthia Kelly

Tom Kernan

Craig and Miriam Mahler

David Mahler

Joe Mahler

Jabu Mickle-Molefe

One Whale's Tale Productions

Craig & Ali Peck

Lara Quiñones

Ben David Richmond

Kayla Sigourney